Sample only

Our sample only offering is when you have your own survey tools and in-house capabilities, but need help to find respondents within your target audience. The offering allows you access to data and insights from our online consumer panels, while we give you the support and guidance you need.

Data Collection

We deliver high quality data using all methods of data collection: offline, online and passive. The common denominator is efficiency and uncompromising quality.

  • We can help you reach most target groups, and have expertise on all methods of data collection.
  • Our proprietary online panels allow you to conduct research with representative samples in 19 European countries.
  • We are extremely serious about data quality, and have good quality checks in place on all data collection methods.
  • Depending on the methods and to provide for a consistent high quality, we may help facilitate additional services to ensure that your study is in the best of hands throughout.
  • You can depend on our experienced project managers to supervise the progress and quality of your study.
  • We place a high emphasis on delivering the data on time and in the format of your choosing.

Data Delivery

We offer tailor-made data delivery solutions, adapting to the requirements of your organization.

  • Data Management: Whether it’s cleansing, formatting or integrating data – we do it all.
  • Raw Data: We deliver raw data in any desired format to facilitate the analysis: CSV, Excel, SPSS
  • Tabulation: Our tables provide you in-depth information about the results. They are particularly useful if you plan to embed the statistics into other reports and presentations.
  • Charts: Visualizing your data allows you to grasp the content immediately.
  • Dashboards: Our tailor-made dashboards allow you to analyse the data wherever you are and at any time. You can also share relevant insights easily with people inside and outside your organization.