We have re-invented our panel to sustain and improve data quality for you.



Our Panel will become Norstatpanel.

We have created a whole new panelist-centric user experience to increase panelist loyalty and engagement.

The new environment enables us to treat our panelists more individually to create a stronger sense of identification with Norstat and our panel.

A unique panel for unique people!

The most important changes at a glance

Brand Appearance
We have designed a modern brand appearance that aligns our panels across all 18 countries.
The new environment lets us treat our panelists more individual and creates a stronger identification with our panel.
With micro-achievements and status upgrades, we added some entertaining gamification elements to our panel.
Our improved reward shop offers more and better choices for the panelists to redeem their points.

Better response rates

More people are active in the panel.
This helps answering more surveys and ensures representativeness.

Better reach of target groups

We are able to reach very specific and also hard to reach target groups (e.g. young men)

Lower churn and drop-out rate

Panelists stay and keep active in the panel.
They finish more surveys and don’t drop out prematurely. 

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