Our qualitative and quantitative research methods ensure reliable data gathering about any desired topic or target group. The specific method we choose is based on what is best for the unique situation, always scientifically proven, fair to the respondents and sustainable for the industry.

Online data collection

We give you access to more than 650,000 consumers in 19 European countries - pre-profiled, highly motivated and available for any digital research method of your choice.

  • Our panels draw on various online and offline sources.
  • We only engage in active recruitment and for market research use only.
  • Our recruitment operates with double-opt-in process.
  • You won’t find public registration sites from us.
  • They are hidden and only accessible via invitation code.
  • We place strict requirements on our partners and traffic quality.
  • Of course, we run ongoing quality assurance routines in panel recruitment and management, certified by either ISO 9001 or ISO 20252:2019.

Telephone interviews

With Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), we allow you to draw random samples within the population of eight European countries. Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced interviewers, we meet the highest quality standards in our field. We operate more than 500 CATI seats in 8 European countries.

  • Our CATI facilities are suited for consumer as well as B2B target groups.
  • They are equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for efficient interviewing.
  • In order to ensure consistent data quality, we continuously train our interviewers and perform ongoing supervision and quality management procedures.

We acknowledge ESOMARs Code of Conduct as the basis for our fieldwork. All our systems and routines are in accordance with ESOMAR rules and regulations.

Personal interviews

Personal interviews can be conducted on the street, in a shopping centre, in the home or workplace of the respondent or in one of our dedicated test facilities.

  • We have a network of more than 300 interviewers with modern technical equipment (e.g. iPads, Computers).
  • To meet your expectations, we continuously train our interviewers.
  • We maintain a network of cooperating partners (e.g. shopping malls) to reach a good geographical coverage for your projects.


Focus groups, product tests, interviews via telephone or face to face. Whatever type of qualitative research you wish to perform, we recruit the candidates through our online panels or by offline methods, and ensure they meet the criteria and attend the session at the arranged time.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is part of our personal interviewing offer. The visit or contact is performed undercover by our trained Mystery Shoppers in order to get a view of the true customer experience.