In this post we discuss how to calculate the feasibility for online projects.

What items do we still own which we no longer have the means to use or play?

Virtual reality: Few people know a lot and few people know nothing, most people know a little.

SXSW is a congress packed with over 2,500 tech sessions. The number of attendees exceeded 30,000.

Last week, some of our team attended the GOR in Cologne to get some input about the future of online research and hold a presentation on our own study...

In the not too distant future, people may interact with computers in a completely new way.

What if we, as a research community, cannot keep up with the imperatives of the technological progress?

A proprietary survey by Norstat France in partnership with Adetem, Adwize and Nexize.

The first findings of DSI 2017 are now available: travellers to Bermuda are the most satisfied in the world, while Cyprus is clearly number one in...

Norstat always endeavours to put the respondent experience first. We owe a lot to the people who help us out; whether it’s the trainee Barrister, the...