DSI – Destination Satisfaction Index: interesting results from the summer holiday period.

The European DSI table for the May to August holiday period was topped by Montenegro (8.5), followed by Austria and Slovakia (each with an overall score of 8.4). Austria excelled in safety, customer service and scenery, whereas the relatively new holiday destination of Montenegro scored highly for atmosphere/flair, weather and beaches.

Top of the global charts for the period May–August 2017 were the Maldives (8.8). In the Americas, that accolade went to Panama and the Bahamas with a Destination Satisfaction Index of 8.7.

Let us look individually at the important KPIs of safety, accommodation and, in the summer months, beaches. The following destinations led in each of these areas of satisfaction:

No other destination worldwide was able to match the Maldives' safety score (9.4). The highest-scoring European destination was Austria with a score of 8.9.

"It is striking that holidaymakers perceive significantly higher levels of safety in remote destinations, islands and other resorts with a media image publicising their rigid security policy than they do in other, equally popular destinations," reports Dennis Pyka, CEO of dp2research.

The Maldives also came top globally in the important area of accommodation (9.4) for this period. They led Abu Dhabi (9.2) and the Bahamas (9.0). The top European country in this list was Cyprus (scoring 8.7), followed by Turkey, Portugal and Austria (each scoring 8.6).

The holiday period from May to August is primarily focused on beach holidays. The Maldives led the world in beach satisfaction, too (scoring 9.5). In Europe, Cyprus was the top destination (8.6), just ahead of Montenegro and Greece (each scoring 8.5).

Now let us look at the source markets surveyed and holidaymakers' levels of satisfaction with the information available and the booking process in cases where tour operators were involved. Interestingly, Mexicans were the most satisfied with their service providers. They were followed in second and third place by the two largest outbound markets in the world, the USA and Germany.

Marc Leimann, director of Norstat Germany comments: "It seems that established source markets with comprehensive and complex tour operator infrastructure better serve holidaymakers in planning and booking their holidays than is the case in markets where only international platforms may be dominant."

Finally, let us take a quick look at the NPS (Net Promoter Score). In addition to comprehensive polling on holiday satisfaction, the DSI also captures holidaymakers' intent to return (NRS) and their rate of recommendation (NPS) of their holiday destination.

The Maldives have a winning reputation, landing the worldwide top spot for the survey period with a score of 77 (out of 100). The top European destination in this analysis received an NPS score of 56 and was also the top European destination for overall satisfaction, i.e. the somewhat unlikely candidate of Montenegro.

Displaying DSI, NRS and NPS scores together on a dashboard provides a unique and holistic insight into holidaymakers' satisfaction and loyalty.


The data currently displayed on the dashboard refers to trips between January and August 2017. The data will be extended at the start of 2018 to include trips taken up to the end of December 2017.

For more information about the DSI, including a comprehensive white paper, go to www.norstatgroup.com/dsi



ABOUT  DSI – Destination Satisfaction Index

There is a lot of valuation data on hotels and accommodation but not a single index that combines all the factors that make a holiday destination attractive for travellers, thereby offering a comprehensive overall valuation.
This is why Norstat and dp2research developed the DSI (Destination Satisfaction Index). It contains 20 important factors that are used to generate a detailed assessment of a given travel destination. The dashboard display, with its clear layout, can filter relevant key data for your view at a single glance.
What also makes the tool extremely exciting is that you can compare competitors within a single region and identify ways to make your own destination even more attractive.
Another special characteristic of DSI is the use of the primary collection of data by means of online interviews. ‘Unfortunately, many studies are unclear as to how the review data applied in the travel industry to make important decisions was obtained in the first place. We wanted to change that with our offering’, said Marc Leimann, Managing Director of Norstat Germany. ‘We conduct 20,000 interviews in 24 countries every four months through our standardised online surveys. This data is authentic as well as representative and statistically reliable.’

What makes the study outstanding is its big-picture view of the satisfaction of travellers: ‘Many destinations expend an enormous amount of effort to increase the satisfaction of their guests. Yet, they are often short-sighted in their approach’, said Dennis Pyka, Managing Director of dp2research. ‘Our data enables a detailed analysis of 20 factors that play a role in the satisfaction of travellers as well as a comparison with other destinations. You can easily view all this data in our Dashboard.’ Continuous data collection also makes it possible to identify seasonal effects on satisfaction.


We are Norstat. Our work is all about the magic of bringing together the right partners: brands and consumers, politicians and voters, publishers and readers.
Through the use of well thought-out research methods, we collect reliable data on any desired topic or target group. This information helps you and many other customers to make the right decisions and improve your business. And we don’t limit ourselves to a specific method of data collection. We always do what works best – on a solid scientific basis, with fairness toward respondents and in a manner that’s sustainable for the industry.

ABOUT dp2research

dp2research combines almost 20 years of experience in international market research projects with the innovation of a young company. The result is a unique range of expertise and comprehensive services in tourism market research and consulting.

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