Verbal communication with virtual assistants fundamentally changes the way of how people interact with technical devices.

What were the stories that touched our hearts and brought us closer together?

Virtual assistants gained widespread popularity among people all over the world.

This week, I had the enormous pleasure to attend the ESOMAR Congress in Berlin, together with Henrik Jakobson from our Swedish team and Sebastian...

It’s not only the amount of variables that make a profiled panel valuable, it’s also the quality of the profile information.

We’d like to encourage you to have a closer look at response rates and the net reach when digging through panel numbers.

Who are these people who join our panel? How do they even get to know our website?

There is a inherent proximity between panel management and the agile, customer centric paradigm.

Especially panel managers contribute a lot to the high quality of our services

Norstat is a data collection specialist. That means we specialise in connecting people: namely researchers and respondents. Whenever we sponsor a...